KM #31 World Travel and Tourism Conference 2017

World Travel and Tourism Conference : The Global Summit was held in Bangkok on 26-27 April, 2017

The theme of this year was about the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development. In this conference, the UNWTO’s secretary gave an opening speech which addressed the 3 main areas facing the future of international tourism. They are, secure and seamless travel, 2. Technology, and 3. Sustainable Tourism.

Year 2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development. There are 5 key areas of major concerns : 1.inclusive and sustained economic growth, 2. social, employment and poverty reduction, 3.resource efficiency, environment protection and climate change, 4. culture values, diversity and heritage, and understanding, peace and security.
In addition, at this conference, there was a formation of a special group called “Tourismdashboard” where the tourism experts of well-known universities get together. The group initiates the co-working team to research in the area of social and environmental impacts of tourism. Most countries often measures the economic impact of tourism. However, currently, there is lack of the measurement of social and environmental impacts. DASH stands for -Data driven –Authoritative –Shared –Holistic.
Compiled by Asst. Dr. Montakan Chubchuwong

Click here to download PPT “WTTC conference in Bangkok”

Link to TAT Review “WTTC Conference”

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